Paying your tax prep fee is simple.  Use your federal refund to pay any prep fees. During the checkout process simply select e-Collect as your payment option. e-Collect will subtract the fee from your federal refund and have the remaining balance deposited to the account of your choice. Yes, it’s that easy.

No credit card needed and pay nothing out of pocket.



We're a small group of tax professionals, programmers, writers and designers. Our parent company, Drake Software, has been making professional tax software since 1977, and we've taken that core expertise and distilled, honed, crafted and polished it for the home user.

Our mission: to make filing your taxes as quick and simple as we can. So you can get back to your real life.

What that means, for us and for you:

  • We feel that tax jargon should be avoided whenever possible. We prefer words that actually mean something to you.
  • We don't like the whole idea of asking you to pick out a tax "package." before you even know what you need. Sure, like other sites, we charge a bit more for more complicated returns, but you don't have to figure out what to buy before you start.
  • We believe in offering extra services, but we're not going to irritate you with them. No constant popups to "upgrade" here.

Bottom line: We work hard at this stuff, so you don't have to.